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it finally happened…. red beans and rice


Theresa and I both worked at Crane River back in the day. Red beans and Rice with some andouille sausage was very popular and we both grew to enjoy it. Since that time I started getting into cooking a bit more and wanted to make my own. Making it is not hard, but finding an andouille that was close to the one at Crane River that Theresa would accept took years. I tried every brand I could find and from local sources. Finally I grew desperate and talked Theresa into trying Buzzard Billy’s. We have a winner. They sold it to me uncooked by the pound and finally I made it at home.

I went with Alton Brown’s recipe, but left out the pickled pork. It is really odd dumping in a huge bowl of onion, green pepper, and celery into something we plan on eating. We like them in small doses, but there was so much in there. Was so simple to make and we enjoyed it muchly.


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Irish roadkill.. AKA crispy smashers


Linda from Curio Collective mentioned Irish roadkill to me. It sounded simple and delicious so we tried them. Here is the method. You nuke your potatoes till done, put them on a baking sheet or foil and smash them. Coat both sides with olive oil and seasoning. Bake for a bit at 450 and enjoy. We put some bacon and cheese on one FOR SCIENCE. Science won hands down.


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recent food makings


Parmesan encrusted pork chunks. Trying to recreate the ones we had at Fogo De Chao


Jello shots in orange peels test was not great. Need to jiggler it up a bit and I sliced the heck out of my pinky.


Mac and cheezes always pleases


both sick so I made some corn and potato soup

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Mike at U-STOP will always point out new items when I stop in. he pointed these out a month or so ago and I finally tried them. I am not the biggest fan of Gardetto’s stuff. Yeah I know the rye chips yadda yadda.. but sometimes it is too much. With these cheezy cracker sammiches there was not enough goop inside. The Ritz crackerfulls are about perfect goop wise. Still the seasoned cracker and goop was decent.

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Many months ago I got a big ol bag of snow crab legs and ate them over a weekend. It is so much work though. I do the wet paper towel steam in the microwave method. I am not a fan of king crab legs because it is like breaking a small child’s arm (yeah I know). I figured the imitation crab meat would do fine and picked some up last night. Something just not right about it, but the butter helped.

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no bake icebox cake


Theresa made this over the weekend. It ruled. There are different versions, but you use graham crackers and instant pudding with whipped cream to make layers and then smear something on top. Place in the fridge overnight so the crackers get soft.

Here is the main post for it: Chocolate eclair cake
This is the one she sorta used
And the next one to try

The one she made had a harder chocolate topping which made it hard to eat without crushing the delicate layers. In the comments folks say to melt frosting and use it like a glaze or even use nutella. NOM

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pickles and corn



A bit cooler Sunday so we figured it was time. Got 4 dozen from Daniels and ended up with 13 bags. Nothing like amazing sweet corn year round. Daniels has ruined all other corn for us. It is a bit costly and time consuming, but completely worth it.


A friend brought over some of his homemade pickles and I was obsessed with them. We had no choice but to make our own. Once again we got cucumbers from Daniels and researched. Went with Alton Brown’s recipe after watching his good eats vid on them and tweaked it a bit. Found fresh dill at Ideal. We could hardly wait a day and had to test one of the two diff kinds we made and found out they were sweet pickles. (insert long string of profanity here) sweet pickles. Gah. The face Theresa made was scary as heck and she almost spit it out. I cannot imagine what they will taste like in a week. Already gave away two jars to the neighbors and hope to pawn off the other jars to the other neighbors.

SCS Thread here has a lot more cursing, barfing emoticons, and tips from the master who spawned this ordeal. We will try again here in a few days.

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birthday oreo


We have been looking for these for a while and found some at walmart where we had one heck of an adventure. I figured sprinkles would make them taste awesome, but there is some dominant flavor we could not figure out. Theresa thought cotton candy, but not sure. Good thing their 100th birthday comes only once.

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Pierre drive thru chicken sammich


Russeses had a whole freezer full of Pierre sammiches and I picked up one… FOR SCIENCE

Their FB

Pierre Drive Thru Sandwiches is unique that we use a Hearth Oven to bake our bread. That’s what makes our bread so good right out of the microwave. YUM!


The bread sure was unique in texture and flavor. The whole sammich had a smell and flavor I could not figure out and I did not find it to appealing.

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the horror

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